Elemental Activism: Rites of Repair Workshop #2

Thursday, November 30 · 6:30 – 9pm PST

Temple of Earth Apothecary

536 Grand Avenue Oakland, CA 94610

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In times of global grief, social division and internal fragmentation, how do we un-cancel humanity? Now is a time to re-skill, edify, and enrich the bridge builders, the peacemakers, and the mediators. Let’s recall the rituals and wisdom that engages an activism for awakening and turns conflict into collective liberation.

This event 2.5 hour event is an introduction to longer more in depth workshops.

We will also Livestream this event on the Solestial Church Instagram @solestialchurch

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Elemental Activism: Rites of Repair: Training designed to help changemakers and activists build capacity to act from embodied liberation.

Address the roots of social division, internal conflict, and alleviate deep-rooted suffering and its causes for participants and their communities through spiritual technologies, rituals and practices. Discover ways trauma manifests elementally and engage in rituals to harmonize these.

Bridge Build & Repair: supporting the bridges, mediators, edge dwellers and peacekeepers to be more effective in transforming conflict into collective liberation.

Land Magic: Work with the elements and the land for social transformation.

Political Education : Education of historical and current movements and liberation struggles. What has worked?


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