Activate Your Medicine 2023

Activating Healers Leading in the Modern World

Activate your medicine is a global event series in which people are taking space to dream, explore and co-create what is the new earth and what is their place in it. 

Through activities, retreats, workshops, ceremonies, and symposiums we are creating a path for remembering and learning from the past, living in the present and looking towards the future. 

We are a growing team of visionaries, ancestral medicine carriers, sacred elemental activists, culture weavers, and healing practitioners that come together to exchange knowledge, activate energies and share our medicines in order to build the realities we want for our future.

We believe that in order for the New Earth to truly come to life and thrive, we need each other. We come together to heal collective traumas, our own traumas and traumas of the earth. Then we can take an honest look at structures that are both given to us and chosen that are perpetuating these traumas and not allowing us to evolve into the New Human.  From there, we can co-create a completely new way of living in which all beings are sovereign and happy.

We believe in

  • Sovereignty
  • Re-Indigenization
  • Land Stewardship – Environmental Activism
  • Community Building
  • Ancestral Medicine
  • Galactic Light

Photos from Activate Your Medicine 2023: