Elemental Activism: Rites of Repair

In times of global grief, social division and internal fragmentation, how do we un-cancel humanity? Now is a time to re-skill, edify, and enrich the bridge builders, the peacemakers, and the mediators. Let’s recall the rituals and wisdom that engages an activism for awakening and turns conflict into collective liberation.

This event series launches with multiple 2.5 hour events that serve as an introduction to longer more in depth workshops.

We will also livestream this event on the Solestial Church Instagram @solestialchurch

Relational Rituals for Embodied Collective Liberation

on Dec 19th 2023 at @templeofearth

A zoom link will be provided for non-local participation when folks sign up in the evebtbrite in the bio. ✨
We are platforming various teachers, activist, and spiritual leaders into various tracks as listed:

*Tantra, Trauma, and Activism: effectively create Positive change when Activism is spiritual practice
*Bridge Build & Repair: generating Intimacy from Conflict
*Land Magic & Art: Cultivating Relationships with the elements, Land, and Animistic ALLIES for social transformation.
*Politics of IMAGINATION: Historic, current, & FUTURE movements for Peace, reconciliation & Reparation

Samir will be giving us a taste of what he will be offering on our first daylong retreat Jan 20th 2023 in the Tantra, Trauma, and Activist tract. For more info email solestialchurch@gmail.com There will be an application process as we want to support activist, community organizers, and non-profit leadership ✨🙌🏾

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Day Long Retreats

Elemental Activism: Rites of Repair: Trainings designed to help changemakers and activists build capacity to act from embodied liberation.

  1. Address the roots of social division, internal conflict, and alleviate deep-rooted suffering and its causes for participants and their communities through spiritual technologies, rituals and practices. Discover ways trauma manifests elementally and engage in rituals to harmonize these.
  2. Bridge Build & Repair: supporting the bridges, mediators, edge dwellers and peacekeepers to be more effective in transforming conflict into collective liberation.
  3. Land Magic: Work with the elements and the land for social transformation.
  4. Politics of Imagination: Education of historical and current liberation movements. What has worked?


Elemental Activism, is a sacred activism movement that mainstreams the mystical, creating social change through ritual, transmutation, and correspondence with a vast animistic universe energizing our full multidimensional selves. As it turns out, the dual torus bio feedback loop we call reality plays the movies we conjure. is malleable and can shift at the speed of prayer . To exist here is to be a transceiver. This activism takes hardened Identities and melts them into possibility. Yes, brownfields and oil spills can be inoculated with mycelium AND the communities of people living their will concurrently have clearer ways forward because of it. Indeed, rites of repair proceed Reparations. This, ceremonial organizing is movement biomimicry: the processes of how wounds are healed can be mapped onto our quest to create just systems. What the indigenous and many have taught about the nature of the world are being revealed through science: physics about the unified field and quantum entanglement, and biology such as redox signaling. Why, then, can’t our theories of change and social practices incorporate and reflect these understanding?

Ceremonial Organizing, a term coined by Carla Perez from Movement Generation, is a sacred activism response to movement building where spirituality and ancestral wisdom can no longer be considered an “add-on” part of the work. Indeed, an enlarged cosmovision of a multidimensional humanity that includes relationships with the “unseen and the elemental worlds“ are integral to the forward progress and evolutionary processes of Humanity. supporting the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs in the community through building sacred relationship with the land the people:

Rites of Repair Activations

Root Modalities:

Non-Violent Communication
Restorative/Transformative Justice
Internal Family Systems
Family Constellation
Grieving & Dying Rituals

In order to support the multigenerational process that Rites of Repair lays out, it is necessary to uplift and promote practices that enhance our capacity for the kind of communication that yields intimacy and empathy between hearts and parts. This is a precedent for honest grassroots solutions.

Land Magic is a spiritual relationship created with specific places, locations, and land for the purpose of clearing negative energies, reharmonizing people with each other and the land, and fortifying the health and well being of the living beings in that area.

Payments and Offerings: Many indigenous and divinatory cultures worldwide would give “pagamentos” or payments to the spirit of the Earth and other deities that “manage” or “bring balance” the Earth’s activities. Humans recognized the value of honoring this relationship, even to the “bad” spirits that impacted daily life. Once a year, we envision a “World Offering Day”, where the altar of the Earth is directly interacted with via offerings of food, etc. to acknowledge this relationship in good faith and make amends for past ignorance. This is a process of forgiveness to compost maladies. These practices can be engaged during this day and also during regular ceremonies throughout the year in group and individual settings.