This is a collection of healers, activists, and artists we have worked with in the past that can assist on various community needs. Reach out to us as we can route you to the right person.

Ashel Seasunz Eldridge

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Sukyo Mahikari universal principles of the art of True Light Is a practice of spiritual purification that clears negative karmic energy that is the precedence to physical phenomenon. It is an energy that comes from Creator through the hands.
Donation based

Dagara Divination & Intuitive Reading
West African system of insight, wisdom, and practical tools to assist human life by communicating with spirit, elements, and/or ancestors.
Donation based

Soul Retrieval
Healing of illnesses for indigenous cultures originally was a practice or spiritual journeying with drum, rattle, spiritual guides, and other tools of communication to call pieces of the soul back to the body that may have left during traumatic experiences. Often depression and other physical issues unable to be cured in other ways are helped during this process.
2hr. $250

Limpias/Cleansings *open offering*
Cleanse the body or physical spaces such as homes or land. Uses plants and traditional shamanic and energetic methods

Xochitl Bernadette Moreno

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Integrative Bodywork
These basic or long format sessions blend Thai Massage stretching and full body alignment methods with Ayurvedic Doshic elemental medicine and lymphatic drainage techniques along with Mexican Sauvada to create a personalized experience to align the receiver from a physical to an emotional & spiritual level.
1hr – $150 (only available in groups)
1.5hr – $225
2 hr – $300
2.5hr – $375
3hr – $450
360* Experience $500 + (open ended flow)
Cannabis Infused add $20

Medicine Assisted Bodywork – add $100
When you want to take the work deeper.. To unlock firmly rooted trauma held in the body or explore new realms inside yourself, this expansive practice takes the bodywork to another level.

Herbal Medicine Consultations – $150
Herbal Allies are here to assist your healing journey. Through blending Western, Ayurvedic and Meso American herbs receive personalized formulas developed to balance various ailments across body systems.

Ayurvedic Yoga – 60 min $150
First undergo a consultation to determine your Dosha and then receive an individualized Yogic practice created to balance the Doshas and clear the body, mind and spirit.

Limpias – open offering*
Cleanse the body or physical spaces such as homes or land. Using traditional plants & methods from Mexican Curanderismo.

Mexica Oracle Card Readings – $50
Divination utilizing a 52 card deck from the Mexica Aztek tradition.

Solestial Community Form

Hello Solestials! Happy to invite you all to fill out our Solestial Community Form✨☀️✨… this is what we will send to folks before they are added to our signal thread and facilitators network to get a sense of who you are and your offerings. This will help us build ways to help connect offerings to community needs. Ase.