Elemental Activism: Rites of Repair Workshop #1

November 16, 2023 6:30-9pm

3051 Adeline Street, Berkeley, CA, USA

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Elemental Activism: Rites of Repair

You are invited to the inaugural event for our Solestial Church series…!

Calling the cancelled, the war torn, the Israeli, the Palestinian, the formerly incarcerated, the prison guards, the shamed, the politicized, the racialized, the allies, the psychedelic, the shadow banned, the trigger warners, and the numb 🙏🏾

In this #ElementalActivism #ritesofrepair @solestialchurch series at the The Potrtal, we present spiritual technologies, rituals and practices that increase the communities capacity to:

1) build relational intimacy and make conflict generative

2) to heal generational and collective wounds

3) interact with the elemental world as an ally for social transformation

4) integrate the awareness from ceremonial and deep process work

This movement mainstreams the mystical, creating social change through correspondence with a vast animistic universe, energizing our full multidimensional selves. This activism is a spiritual practice that restores our integrity to wholeness.

———————————————————————————————————–This first event will feature Samir Patel, who will be guiding us in a tantric mediation practice while AshEL Seasunz & Xochitl Moreno will be introducing the series, offering ritual, movement, and sound healing.

“Deep listening and curiosity gives birth to nuance, freeing life from fundamentalism. What we call magic is the space behind, awaiting our notice – at first subtly recognizing…but then breaking out in full conversation with the wider highly interactive field of play. The language of intimacy.

This activism takes hardened Identities and melts them into possibility.

The empty easily holds the cacophony. From glysophate guts to san quentin cells somewhere conversation stopped. Hearts stopped coherency… making the #1 cause of death of humanity lack of empathy.

Microbes rustle up community in ceremony, clearing the shooting zone before another bullet is magnetized to that morphogenic brownfield. Compost is a convention for planning revolutions. Shadows grow clear light.”

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