Ceremony (Feb 16th 17th)

Join AshEL Seasunz Eldridge , Xochitl Bernadette Moreno and Madhu Aziani along with the Solestial Church community for a Bay area ceremony and community elemental ritual on Feb 16th and 17th 2024 near Harbin Hot Spring in Middletown, Ca.

Feb 16th will be an open, all-are-welcome ceremony. Feb 17th will be a BIPOC men’s ceremony. This will be a blended altar drawing on the various traditions and years of study of this trio of facilitator’s training in various shamanic healing traditions and elemental activism.

We are inspired to work with Earth Based Rituals for Internal & Global conflict resolution.
Some of these traditions include Mestizo, Shipibo, Yawanawa, Mexica, Pachakuti Mesa and Dagara, lineages.
In addition to the nighttime ceremonies we will be engaging in plant baths, limpias and land offering rituals.

Sliding scale Donation

For more info email solestialchurch@gmail.com with “Vision” in the subject line.


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